Bunless Burger | My Clean Cutting Board


It was burger night at my house and I can’t have gluten. My husband still eats it so I make him prepare it himself. But I really wanted a burger too. And gluten-free bread wasn’t an option. Have you tried the nasty GF breads they sell in the store. It makes you want to never eat bread again. Well, that may have been the reason my bread craving went away. So I guess that’s a good thing. But boy are they nasty. Until I make it myself, I will not eat bread. No way, no how. What does that phrase mean anyway?

I started thinking of ways to eat a burger without ketchup, mayo, and mustard. I really love those things but prefer not to eat them, especially since my husband puts his gluten-filled knife into the jar as he spreads it on his bread. I thought of the hummus I made and the fresh Dominican avocados that were in the fridge. And a light bulb went off in my head. Now, it’s not the prettiest dish. And I wouldn’t eat this on a first date (it was extremely messy), but it was so good. You can probably eat it with a fork and knife and it would be less messy.

You can make this however you like but here’s what I did:

Make burger patties with ground turkey seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano (I’m sure you can use something else to make this vegan it you like.) Shape and pan fry them with about 1 tsp of coconut oil. Lay it on a romaine leaf and spread hummus on the patty. Then layer all the other ingredients. I used tomatoes, avocados, and my all time favorite, sauteed red onions. Cover it with another romaine leaf although I could have just left it like that (sort of like P.F. Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps.) I didn’t miss the normal condiments one bit. It was delicious and I felt great afterwards, which is always my ultimate goal.


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