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I posted this in January on my facebook page. It told a little bit of my story. Since then I was told to get off Prednisone (I haven’t been off in over 13 years) and have lost about 30 lbs. That Prednisone swells you up like a balloon.  I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read that post but go check it out. If you think it can help someone, share it, pin it, tweet about it. Do whatever it takes to help someone that has no hope. That’s what this page is about after all.

Side note: I was told to get off Prednisone but have been too nervous to do so completely. Every time I tried to completely get off, I would feel pain in my joints or in my chest or somewhere. I did go from 30 mg to 5 mg.  I’ve just been on it so long that I just couldn’t imagine my life without it. Well that little hint of doubt and fear affected me physically and my tests are not as perfect as they were just a month ago. Positive thinking is so much more important than you think. Don’t let doubt or fear take control of your healing. I made a big mistake by allowing that to creep in. Now I have to work to get it out.  Here I go.

I’m on my way to be Prednisone free…again


  1. Diana lagos says:

    Hi, I been reading your story and is great and Im ready to start with all the things about the food.. Now Im on prednisone 30mg i was on 60mg and Im hoping that my doctor keep down the dosis.. Im just wondering how long took for you the moon face to disappear.. Im trying to accept myself with all this changes.. Moon face and stretch marks all over my body… But i just want to know if there is hope.. Thank you!!


    • YAY Diana!!! I’m glad you are ready! It took me just several weeks for the prednisone cheeks to disappear once I was taken completely off. Even when I was on 5mg I still was a tiny bit swollen. I couldn’t tell because I’ve always been on prednisone. But when I was taken off completely, I saw the difference. I lost 40 lbs total. There is hope! Find a functional medicine dr. He/she will find the right program for you to get better. Medicine keeps you alive long enough for you to find a real solution. Send me an email if you ever want to chat. Email is in contact page.


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