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I love working out. I’ve been exercising for over 8 years. And while, it did accelerate my pulmonary hypertension in 2011, it has also been what accelerated my rise against this disease. Pulmonary Hypertension made it extremely hard for me to get a workout in. I was having an extremely hard time breathing even when I walked from my car to the supermarket, so working out was out of the question. It is definitely not something you jump into with everything you’ve got unless you’re completely healthy.

After I was diagnosed and began receiving an invasive, intravenous therapy in June 2011, I quit exercising all together. Little by little I tried to get back into it. I tried walking and riding my bike, but even getting out of a chair was a challenge. So I gave myself 1 full year to try again. In June 2012 I tried again and I was amazed at my strength. I was able to get right back in. I started with light weights and extremely light cardio but it was a start I was extremely proud of. Every once in a while I’d have a bad week from trying too hard. So I would just pull back a bit and try again later. One year after that I had lost 30 lbs, strengthened my muscles, and gotten healthy enough to be off of a drug I was on for almost 20 years. Add healthy eating with working out and I can truly say that it has been a big part of my healing process.  It has  taken lots of dedication and many changes but it is working and I absolutely love it. If I wouldn’t have pushed myself to get here, I’d be sitting in a chair, bloated from the high doses of steroids, begging my husband to get us out of our 2-story townhouse.  Even light exercise is better than no exercise.


carol my clean cutting board

I met Carol, 72, during a weight training class. She caught my eye immediately because of her strength and her ability to keep up with the best of ’em. She told me this is something she’s been doing for 30 years and she doesn’t think anyone her age can just start and get to where she is. It would take a lot of work. I thought she was so cute I had to take her picture. I think she’s so inspiring. Don’t you?

gym | my clean cutting board



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