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I finally (maybe) have some time to share the good news. I’ve barely been able to eat or breathe for that matter. All because I became a mom of 2 kids this year. Yes 2!! To explain it I’m going to have to take it back. The lupus and pulmonary hypertension have me drowning in so many medications that my doctors have advised me  (and I quote) “to NOT get pregnant or you’ll die.” It could harm the baby and I could really do damage to my precious and fragile organs, in turn I could tragically be harming myself. So my husband and I sought alternatives. In Vitro fertilization wasn’t an option for us. Neither was surrogacy. Neither of us felt comfortable with it. I’m not putting anyone down who has chosen that route, we just didn’t feel it was right for our family. The next option was adoption. We looked around and holy moly, private adoption is expensive and there is not guarantee you will have a baby. The biological mom could decide to parent in the end, leaving you out thousands of dollars. Oh, but isn’t having a child worth it? Uhh, it is but I know there has to be another way. Our next option was foster to adopt. “That’s it!” It was like a light bulb went off at the exact same time for my husband and I. There are so many children that already need a home. Why not do that. Whether they need a temporary home while mom gets her act together or they are looking for a forever family, we’re up for the challenge. We have many friends who worked at a local foster home so they gave us the inside scoop. And seeing the amount of children, all ages, in those homes made us cement our decision. We have another friend who has actually adopted a baby from foster care and gave us a lot of information too. We just knew it was the right thing for us.  The doors opened quickly. We took the necessary courses, prepared our home, picked our age group, set our limitations (no medically needy children), submitted our background checks to the agency and voila, we were parents in 10 months.

2013-11-28 06.36.27

We got a phone call in May saying they had a 2 year-old boy. They gave us his background, medical concerns,  and why he came into care and we got the option to say yes or no. We said yes immediately. He arrived the weekend of Mother’s Day. What a blessing to celebrate that day for the 1st time. It was awesome! We received countless baby items from our friends and have been blessed beyond belief. Everyone in our circle stepped in to help. I am always amazed at the amount of love within our church family and biological family. We shouldn’t be but we are.

Baby #1 was a handful. He came with many challenges, which we would later find out were due to lack of nutrition, lack of stimulation, and autism. I had to work alongside daycare workers, case managers, and therapists to help him function properly. Today I am proud to say I have the best little boy in Florida. He is absolutely amazing. He’s helpful, obedient, sweet, caring, potty trained, and learns quickly. We are still working on his biggest delay which is speech and boy is he hyper (a gluten free and dairy free diet has helped calm him down) but he is truly thriving. All this was done through prayer, focus, and learning what worked for him. When he came to our home he didn’t want to eat anything. Apparently he  was only drinking milk before. We worked on his appetite with green smoothies and vegetable juices. The boy devoured them and cried for more. He began to eat what my husband and I ate. Now he surprises people around us with his giant appetite for healthy food. Don’t give him chicken nuggets or french fries he won’t eat them. But give him a vegetable juice and watch out!

2013-10-26 08.44.09

2013-10-26 08.46.35

Well, we finally adjusted to parenthood about 7 months into it, and boom, we get a call for a 2nd baby. We had options of a newborn, 4 month-old, or a 1 year-old. We asked which one needed a home more and they gave us the 4 month-old. She has been so good. She sleeps through the night. She’s happy all the time. And she doesn’t require a lot of holding or carrying (which is great because I still have a hyper 2 year-old to watch.) They both get along amazingly well. They play together and he tries to feed her and clean her.

Some people think what we’re doing is crazy because we may have to one day give them back to their biological parents. But we are taking it one day at a time and enjoying every single second of it. You really can’t take anything for granted when you do something like this. Yes they may go home after we are completely attached, but for now, we are instilling core values and dumping a truckload of love into these little lives that may not have gotten it otherwise. If God blesses us by letting us be a forever family to any of them, we would totally love that too.

2013-12-29 12.14.25

Unfortunately the added stress to my life has caused the lupus to flare again. My husband and I are trying our best to calm it down. I have noticed the joint pain and shortness of breath has returned. I’m a stress eater so food has become somewhat therapy. I’m not crazy enough to go to McDonald’s when stressed and I’m still very careful with ingredients, but I have eaten more packaged foods than I’d like. And the occasional restaurant food or pizza has been ever so present.  That has added to the flare and will eventually have me rolling downhill really fast. This week I will be juicing my meals 100% in hopes of bringing this lupus activity to a screeching halt. I’ll try to let you know how it goes (if I have the time). For now pray for my family including all the little ones who are still to come. We need God’s grace, wisdom, and favor.

I could never have imagined my life would turn out this way but I am so grateful. We get to fulfill our desire to be parents and take care of God’s precious creatures at the same time.

2013-12-29 12.11.21

Fostering is not as hard as it seems. The agency covers daycare. The state covers medical insurance. All you have to do is love and care for these these little bodies as if they were your own and stay in touch with the child’s case manager. If you’re in Miami-Dade or Monroe county and are interested in these beautiful little lives, click on  Our Kids.    There are plenty of children newborn to 17 in need of a happy loving home. I can help you get started.

If you would like to ask me a personal question regarding our decision, feel free. Send me a message on my facebook page My Clean Cutting Board. Yes, this is a long post but this is probably the only chance I’ll get for a while and I wanted to let you know where I’ve been. I hope I didn’t bore you with too many details. : ) Ok back to diapers, bottles, and laundry…oh and juicing. So long!

Have a happy and healthy 2014!

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