Where Did the Pounds Go? | My Clean Cutting Board


I am not an advocate for weight loss. I couldn’t care less what the caloric content is in my food. I am totally against anything fat-free. I am an advocate for health. I am a lover of good food. I believe that if you eat right and you heal your body, you WILL lose those extra pounds,  without even trying. I haven’t tried to lose weight at all this past year. But I dropped about 30 lbs. and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. I started at 165 and I am at 135 today. I didn’t try protein shakes or fad shake diets (those actually accelerated my pulmonary hypertension in 2009.) I just eat right for my body. I have an immune disorder and my diet has to help me heal that. Yes I could be enjoying a nice fluffy pancake or a delicious croissant but those won’t do me any good. Not just weight-wise but health-wise. So I cut those out. I cut out eggs, gluten, dairy, potatoes, coffee, garlic, sugar, alcohol, and a lot more. Yes I have cut out a lot in order to heal. Unfortunately, the holidays were a disaster zone in the food department and I ate all that junk at various times and felt HORRIBLE. I couldn’t walk up the stairs without help due to the shortness of breath. I needed help doing simple things. January I began to remove those items again in a drastic elimination diet where you remove all inflammatory foods. I have to tell you, I was nervous to lose more weight (I was a size 6) but after 30 days, I’m so glad I did it. I look amazing at a size 4, I can run up the stairs again, I’m back at spinning classes in the gym, I don’t need help doing daily things anymore. I don’t feel the bloat or the pain in my belly anymore. I hope that in the future I can eat regular food. But if I don’t heal my gut, that will never be possible. If you’re wondering what my doctor put me on, it’s called Repairvite. Repairvite is intended to repair and maintain the intestinal tract and intestinal lining. The supplement along with the complementary diet have done wonders for me this month especially.


This is what I looked like at the start of My Clean Cutting Board journey in 2012



This is what I looked like last week January 2014. I’m a few lbs lighter this week but you get the idea. My skin, hair, nails, and body have all improved thanks to juicing, eating right, exercise, and lots of prayer and focus.



My family and friends are finally jumping on the bandwagon. They are amazed at how far I’ve come. They see the amount of energy I have now compared to when I was bedridden in 2012. I’m glad to use my disease to motivate you all. I truly believe that this disease has allowed me to fulfill my purpose in life. Now hurry up and listen to me so that I can be completely healed. Thank you and come visit me on facebook.

Stay Healthy, Janeris


  1. Lerce says:

    This is amazing!! I love your story. I think you should write a book at some point. I will be a happy reader 🙂


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