My Transformation | My Clean Cutting Board


I am having an amazing time learning and growing as I figure out autoimmunity and the effects food has on it. I am loving the great comments posted on Facebook. I love the support and mostly I love hearing stories of how my story changed some one else’s life.  Even with all the pain and loss I’ve endured, I wouldn’t change anything about my life. It would be cool to jet ski or jump in the pool without being restricted by a pump but I wouldn’t change anything. Pulmonary Hypertension and Lupus have made me who I am. My life is pretty cool right now. I have a wonderful loving and supportive  husband, 2 awesome kids, and a whole lot of support to keep doing what I do. Yesterday I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram (since it’s transformation Tuesday of course) showing where I’ve been and where I am now. My change hasn’t come from diet pills, shakes, or even intense workouts. My change came once I began to change my brain. I allowed God to fully take over. I wanted to think differently than I had ever thought before. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I know I needed to get somewhere. I set goals and took the challenges on day by day.




My body changes haven’t been dramatic until the last couple of months or so. That’s when I think some people in my circle really started to notice. My friends tell me daily how badly they wish they could have the focus and determination that I have regarding food. So I started to ask myself, why am I so different? Why am I able to accomplish something so many others can’t? I am just like everyone else. I have faults, insecurities, and lots of distractions. But I think the difference is that I was desperate and I truly gave this illness up to God. In you it doesn’t have to be a big illness. It could just be chronic heartburn, migraines, or even just being overweight.  I believe that nothing on this Earth, including this sickness, belongs to me. I try not to ever say “my lupus” or “my pulmonary hypertension.” I used to say those words. But that’s taking ownership of something you really don’t want. That lupus is NOT mine. It doesn’t belong to me or in me. So why would I claim it? It belongs to Him. If he wanted it in me, there must have been a reason.  When I truly started believing that, I realized that if I fulfill  my purpose God would probably take back this disease. I’m working on that. I hope I can inspire you to take that leap of faith. Stop saying “my cancer this” “my MS that.”  Just stop. Start thinking of THAT illness as a little bug that doesn’t belong here and will fly away once your body begins to taste like something that little bug doesn’t like. That will only happen when your mind starts to change. Changing your mindset will cause you to focus on your goals and you too will be able to have will power and determination. But remember take it day by day. Not week to week or month to month. Do it that way and you’re setting yourself up to fail. Take it day by day and celebrate the daily accomplishments. If you love coffee, praise the fact that you didn’t have a cup that day. Whatever your vice is, don’t let it control you. Be stronger.

Try it!


Stay Healthy, Janeris

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