First Day of School Blues | My Clean Cutting Board

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Today I’m thinking of my son. It’s the first day of school here in Miami and I remember what it was like getting all my kids ready and out the door by 7:30am just last year. Today, I got my little girl ready for school and it was so easy. But still. My little blond peanut-head. I love him so much. He was my first baby boy. He lit up my life. Kind of like a firecracker does. But whatever, he lit it up. He was one hyper kid. Well he still is.  I get to see him occasionally. And when I see him, I see the changes. I see a big difference in him. Some of it good and some not so good. But I choose to focus on the positive so I will only talk about the good. He is so happy. He’s healthy. He is loved. He has so much love I don’t think he knows what to do with it. He came to my daughter’s birthday party a few weeks back and he was practically jumped by my husband and I. We wanted to touch him, hold him, and just play with him. I love hugging and kissing him. Those kisses are even yummier when I haven’t seen him in a while. The coolest part is watching my daughter go gaga over him. She follows him and tries really hard to keep up. She misses having a brother to play with. I think she took it the hardest. She still says his name when she sees something that reminds her of him. We mention him constantly in my house. Whenever we say his name she points to the door as to say, “he’s outside.” I hope he has an amazing first day of school. I hope that his teachers see the amazing little boy he is and push him to reach gigantic goals this year. We love what we do because we get to nurture a child and then, if we’re lucky, we get to see them grow up how God wanted them to. Knowing we had even a just small part of that, makes us feel good.





xoxo, Janeris


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