3 Beginner Tips For Losing Weight

Let’s get right into this. There are plenty of things you can do to get started on your path to a healthier lifestyle but the solution is sometimes the problem. We are so bombarded with information that we don’t know where to start. Eat this not that. No wait, this causes cancer. Nope, hold on, it doesn’t actually cause cancer. Scientists were mistaken. Wait hold on. Actually if you eat this with that you DO get cancer. Oh goodness. Just stop. We are so confused. We need things to be clear and simple. Forget about what’s good or bad. I’m sure you know the basics. More water, more greens, less sugar, and you are on your way. So start there. Don’t go crazy thinking about the latest fad diet that makes you only drink water with cayenne pepper and lemon for 3 days. What the HECK is that? What happens when you stop drinking that and get back to your normal diet of donuts and ice cream? Keep it simple people. Start small.

3 things to help you get started.

1. Set short term, daily goals. Saying you are going to diet for 40 days or workout 5 times a week for a month, is a recipe for disaster. You are setting yourself up to fail. Start with daily goals. Today, aim to not have any sugar and track your calories. Or aim to workout for 20 minutes. Shoot to add a leafy green to each meal. At the end of the day, celebrate. Add a dollar to a jar, put money toward a concert or a new outfit. Print out a picture of an expensive bikini you hope to wear. And everyday you complete your goal, add money toward it. The next day do the same. It takes about 21 days to break a habit. So keep going. If you make a mistake, try again.

2. Keep track of your habits. Track how many grams of sugar you are eating. Here’s a little daily fact: Sugar plays a bigger part than fat in regards to weight gain. Sugar affects much more than your weight too. It is a drug that keeps you in a vicious cycle of overeating. Limit the sugar and you have conquered a lot.  There is an app I began using called MyNetDiary. It’s available on IPhone and Android. I use it to track my food. I’m sure you have tried tracking before and failed. So what! Try again. Don’t give up just because it didn’t work before. Be desperate. Go for it. Through tracking my food, I learned that I am actually eating around 500 calories less daily than I need to maintain my weight which is why I am constantly losing it. I would not know this had I not been tracking it. Even if you don’t have any major goals, tracking your food to see what your habits are is a great thing. And again. When you accomplish daily goals, Celebrate!

This is my daughter's school lunch

This is my daughter’s school lunch. We celebrate that we have a toddler that eats like this!

3. Did I mention CELEBRATE? Celebrate the good and don’t beat yourself up over the bad. We are so friggin’ hard on ourselves. I’m a size 2 and even I need validation from my husband that I’m pretty or skinny. I ask him almost daily, “honey am I still skinny?” I, one, sometimes don’t believe it. And, two, wonder if I can really keep this up. Stop beating yourself up and celebrate the good stuff you do. You passed on the donuts in the break room, celebrate! During dinner, you passed on the wine or beer and just drank water, Celebrate! Side note: Wine is a serious weight-gainer by the way. At a birthday party, you skipped the coke and picked up the bottle of water. You said no to the cake, Celebrate! I have a trick for saying no to cake. I sometimes crave it. So if there’s cake, I ask someone (I must trust their opinion-usually my husband) if it’s worth it. If my husband tells me it is, I know it has to be out of this world incredible. He wouldn’t want me risking my health for cake unless it was. So yeah, I eat cake. But only if my husband says it’s ok. If it’s just regular cake, pass on it. Don’t waste calories or a good day for a worthless piece of cake. I said cake enough to make you want cake. But stop. Say no. Moving on.

Work up toward a long-term goal. It won’t happen over night but if you’re consistent, you can get there. I did. It took me around 2 years to drop 40 lbs. and lower my medications. I’m still trying to get better because I’m not 100% there and I’m on year 4. So there is no magic formula but there is a way to start in the right direction. Your ultimate goal may be to drop those lbs. It may be to get off medication. It may be to just feel better about yourself or be an example for your kids. Whatever the reason, make a conscious effort to make a change.

XOXO, Janeris

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  1. Ana Gonzalez says:

    Thanks, in still doing your water challenge, I’m going to try to do this now, it’s so hard for me to avoid sugar, I’m going to take baby steps.


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