Making Juice Without A Juicer *Giveaway*

It’s almost time for a new year’s resolution. One of your goals may be to start juicing. If that’s the case but you don’t want to spend $200+ on an extractor, I may have a solution for you. I tried this after a devastating experience while making a carrot juice on my Jack Lalanne juicer. Picture this, I’m mid juice, adding in my 2nd carrot when vrrr…pfft. The motor stops running. I’m left veggies in hand. Oh, the horror. I know. But I had to finish making my juice. My daughter was counting on it. And I’m not one to deny my daughter of her vegetables.

Thankfully I had recently bought a nut milk bag from Ellie’s Best. I knew I could make nut milk with it but I hadn’t really thought about juicing with it. I put the juice I had already made and the rest of the vegetables in the blender and sent it through Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Bag. I squeezed all the juice out and had an aha moment. So many people tell me they want to start juicing but don’t have a juicer. I knew this would be a great post for people who only have a blender. Especially so if you have a Vitamix cause well, Vitamix!

The pictures below are of a carrot and spinach juice. It doesn’t look amazing but what matters is what it does in your body. We’ve all heard it before. Carrots are vital for eye health. Carotene in carrots is converted to vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A deficiency can make it harder for your eyes to adjust in the dark. It may not be a big deal on a daily basis but if someone shines a bright light in your face, say from an oncoming car at night, it may be harder for your eyes to readjust to the road in front of you. We can all imagine what happens after that. Vitamin A is good for the eyes, hair, skin, bones, teeth, and for avoiding fatigue. And spinach… forget about it. There are so many reasons spinach should be on your weekly shopping list. It is good for the eyes, bones, skin, inflammation, heart and much more. So while this juice may not look pretty, think of how pretty it’s making your insides.






After all the juice was squeezed out, I was left with a pulp far drier than I had ever had it in the juicer. I had gotten as much of the nutrients out instead of leaving it in the pulp catcher of my juicer.


The best part is how much my little peanut enjoys it. The nut milk bag gives me perfect pulp-free juice.

Juicing spinach

Now on to the giveaway part. I absolutely love this bag. No one is paying me to say this. I bought one of these on Amazon because I kept making chunky almond milk with my cheese cloth.  I fell in love right away. It doesn’t let any pulp through the strainer. I use this bag often. Nothing seems to stain it. Not even beets. It cleans like new. I even used it to strain the fish bone broth I made last week and it washed squeaky clean. It’s so easy to use and kind of fun if you like getting your hands into your food. I recommend this bag to anyone interested in juicing or making their own milk. So much so that I’m giving one (maybe 2) away. Subscribe to my blog by clicking “Follow My Clean Cutting Board” on the right and type “I want to start juicing” in the comments below. If you do those two things, you are entered to win. One reader will receive a free nut milk bag from Ellie’s Best. I will randomly choose a winner on November 12th. No more excuses. Start juicing. If you’ve followed me a while you’ve seen how whole foods have helped me. This is no joke. The new year is coming. Make it a goal to focus on your health.


Stay Healthy,



  1. A__Martin says:

    I want to start juicing


  2. Juice master says:

    Wish I’d have seen this blog before I bought my juicer. Looks as if it works quite well.


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