2016 Is Here!

We are celebrating a brand spanking new year. It is a time to hit the refresh button and reload those goals we wanted to reach before but couldn’t. We may even want to add new goals. I don’t call it resolutions because by definition a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Looking at all our failed new year’s resolutions, a firm decision is just not enough.  Reaching a goal seems more realistic to me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.17.06 AM

I’m excited. There have been some things I haven’t been able to reach and I will reach them this year. I will focus on God, my business, my relationships, and my health this year. My husband and I have a practice of laying in bed and writing our goals down on the first week of January. We save it on the computer and look back on it later in the year. So far many things have actually happened. I love doing this with him because it helps to keep each other accountable. We balance each other out so that our goals are not far-fetched but big enough that it will make a difference in our lives.

My health has been an important goal and I have been working hard at it but I can still be better. This year I will be better. I will especially focus more on tuning out the cravings and desire for foods I shouldn’t eat.

This year I hope you put your health in a higher place than it’s been in before. Do it for yourself, your family, or whatever other motivating factor is in your life. It feels amazing to look in the mirror and be proud of what you have accomplished. If you have felt that, you know the joy. If not, I hope you experience that this year.


Stay healthy,


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