We’ve Been Busy

In October we were blessed with a 2-week old baby girl. It has been a serious adjustment for us. I didn’t want to put her in daycare even though it’s a requirement here in Florida. I kept her out as long as I could. That meant I had to do everything with a little person attached to my chest. There were lots of visits from case managers and guardians at first. I did not have time to try new recipes much less take pictures of what I was eating. Any mom can attest to just hanging on to every extra second to either sleep, eat, or shower. That’s why posts on here,  Facebook, and on Instagram have been a bit slow coming in. I have a real, legitimate reason.

She has been an easy baby. She sleeps a lot and doesn’t require much. But it still took a toll on my health. You see, with lupus, any stress is a trigger. Even if you don’t feel stressed, your body knows it is. I began having these uncontrollable headaches and migraines. They would not go away. It would literally go on for weeks at a time with no relief. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I saw a neurologist, a new primary care physician, and had an MRI done. I even saw my pulmonologist to rule out the new medication’s side effects. Everyone said nothing was wrong. But those headaches would NOT stop. I tried teas, pills, and finally essential oils. Dealing with a newborn and a toddler is hard enough as it is. Adding a constant headache to the mix was just dreadful. My husband had to pick up the slack when I just couldn’t. He is seriously such a trooper. He deserves all his desires and I hope to one day fulfill at least some of them. He has to deal with all the drama of me being great one day, horrible the next.  The essential oils completely took them away. At first temporarily so I had to keep smelling the oils when a headache would start up. Eventually, they just stopped. One day I paused and noticed that I hadn’t had any headaches for a few days. It was amazing.



We have now passed the 3 month mark. Baby is healthy, happy, and developing right on track. Mommy is back on track too. You can’t even imagine how much she is loved by us all but especially by my 2-year-old. I did not want to end 2015 with two kids. I needed a break after my other two boys went home this summer. But my life is not my own so neither are my plans. God is the author of my life story and this chapter includes writings of a new little girl. I don’t yet know how many chapters she will be in but in the meantime…LOVE!


To find out how you can foster or adopt in Miami, FL click here


  1. Eek, I love the idea of fostering a baby. Especially the part about holding a squishy little baby in my arms and not so much the late nights, changing diapers, or calming a fussy infant. But like you, I am not a fan of putting itty bites in day care and since I work full-time, that would be necessary. So, I’ll be sticking with foster elementary-aged kiddos, who are also great.

    Why does Florida require foster parents to put babies in daycare?


    • There is something called the Rilya Wilson Act. Google it for the full story. It’s actually very sad. It is for the kids’ safety and for their development since they’re at risk of delays. But school-aged children are awesome too.


      • So, if I understand correctly, Florida’s Rilya Wilson Act requires foster kids aged 0-5 to be in daycare or preschool for five days per week, if they entered the foster family’s home already enrolled in daycare/pre-school.

        The idea behind this law is that foster kids are at risk for educational delays, so the early childhood education received in pre-school and presumably daycare are hoped to help mitigate that risk.

        The unwritten purpose of the law is to have someone outside the foster family and the foster care agency, looking over the system’s shoulder and ensuring the children are ok.


      • Exactly. After they lost a foster child with the old system, they found that having added eyes on the child reduced abuse, death, and added safety to the children.

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