30 Day Challenge for 2016

I don’t know anyone personally who didn’t indulge this holiday season, me included. It is time for a reset. My body is sensitive to the food changes because it is used to feeling good and bad food makes me feel really bad. I decided to start a free 30 day challenge by Simple Green Smoothies. I would love it if you’d join me. It is simple and requires very little change from your part. I started it a bit late because I usually start over on the first Monday of the new year. But it’s never too late to start.

©Simple Green Smoothies

©Simple Green Smoothies

Well, this challenge, called 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge,  comes from 2 friends who were tired of feeling tired. They discovered green smoothies and they were hooked. They have created a simple, easy to follow plan. It’s 30 days. You drink one green smoothie per day. They give you all the recipes and some tools to make it through. And it’s free. Why just one smoothie per day? When your body gets more of what it needs it naturally adapts and stops asking for junk. Little by little you may find yourself eating healthier on your own. You may discover pounds being shed and energy coming back. All without anyone telling you what not to eat. Sounds awesome right? Join me.

©Simple Green Smoothies

©Simple Green Smoothies

I’ve gotten many emails and texts asking for help this January. I didn’t create my own plan this year but I will follow these girls. If you were one of the ones who asked for guidance, start here.


They are not paying me to sell this to you. I just know the benefit of changing one thing in your life. I know the ripple effect it can have on the rest of your diet. Join me for this simple life-altering change.

Join me on Instagram to follow cool pictures of my challenge. Post in the comments below if you’re signing up.


Stay Healthy, Janeris

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