What 5 Days Can Do

I am amazed at what can happen when you focus for just 5 days. I started a challenge on Monday. Let’s back-track. After going completely nuts during the holidays. I ate everything in sight. And I did it with no control. That really messed me up. I jumped into a cycle of overeating and it showed. My skin started changing. I began getting frequent skin infections. My immune system weakened. My cravings came back and it made me want more sugar and more processed foods. That made me sicker.  It was a cycle I’m sure many people are familiar with.

This week I decided to jump out of that hamster wheel and into a new one. If I eat healthy my skin will look better, weight will drop, immune system will strengthen, infections will be fought off, I will eat better because I have no cravings and the new cycle continues. That hamster wheel is one I want to be in.

Well it’s just been 5 days but i can see a big difference already. I was apparently carrying around a lot of water weight from the processed foods. In 5 days I’ve dropped 5 lbs and reduced cravings. It’s not the easiest things to do when everything around you is so tasty and accessible. But its possible. I walked into stores this week and I’m not even going to lie. The chips and candy they put at checkout lines were my biggest challenges. They’re cheap, quick, and if you’re hungry they’re a quick fix. But I turned my head each time. I also noticed how much billboards caught my attention this week. Taco Bell’s new products seemed to be following me as I drove. I haven’t had Taco Bell in years, but I wanted it. Saying no to these things definitely made me stronger.

I told myself on Easter Sunday that Monday would be my restart. I had said it many times before but I wanted to do it this time. So I ate my daughter’s Easter candy and went to bed. Monday I was determined to get through Monday. I chose a breakfast of spinach and turkey. I craved chips soon after so I snacked on some cucumber with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Lunch and dinner were easier because I had already had a healthy start. Day 1 was done. Hooray!

On to day 2. Again I chose a healthy breakfast. That started me on the track of success for the day.

Day 3 I had a stressful day and wanted a bad snack so badly. I wanted sugar. I denied my body of what it wanted and gave it what it needed. I ate an apple and a really crunchy, cold pear. Phew. I barely made it through day 3.

Day 4 was easy peasy. I didn’t want to make dinner. I think withdrawals were starting to kick in. I felt sick. But my husband brought me a lightly seasoned rotisserie chicken and I made a huge chicken salad with it. I made it though day 4.

Here I am on day 5. I’m 5 lbs lighter. The bloat is gone. And cravings are much smaller and easier to deny.


What would have happened if I had said screw it all on day 3 and had a bowl of cereal (which is what I was craving)? Or even something simple like eat a bite sized piece of chocolate? I would have failed and my cravings would have beat me. I would have failed! I want to be a winner. 🏆

It is important to remove cravings completely in order to succeed. That means remove the problem completely. I hear often how a little sweet stuff here or there won’t really hurt. I said the same. But that starts you on a vicious cycle that is then harder to stop. When attempting a lifestyle change, completely stop whatever you’re craving. The sugar especially should be cut out. Even a little candy will have your body asking for more. After you conquer day 1, and then day 2, and day 7, celebrate and do it again. Once you do that enough weeks, cravings will be a non issue.

On Monday I will be onto week 2. I’m kind of excited now!

I hope you give it a try soon. I’d love to see your challenge. Tag me on Instagram and use #mycleanrestart so we can motivate each other. No one wants to live this crazy life alone.

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