I Adopted My Daughter & Got Sick

July 13, 2016 was the coolest day of my life. We adopted my little munchkin. It was a surge of good emotions coming up to the day. But nothing could prepare me for the feelings I would go through on the day of. Although we knew it was coming, we had about 5 days formal notice. I mentioned the date in casual conversation in church and a few people said they wanted to come. I sent a few reminder texts the days before, letting them know court and parking details. My friends and family were there to support 100%. They have loved this little girl since she arrived 9 months ago at just 12 days old. And they were all thrilled to officially welcome her into the family.



Everyone prepared and took the morning off. I had made t-shirts* for the event, that are now on sale here. On that Wednesday my friends and family began arriving. One by one, the gigantic smiles and matching shirts began to fill the courtroom lobby. People asked about us. We were a very large group. Usually adoptions include close relatives. But my close circle included about 20 people. Everyone had a camera in hand and couldn’t help but snap away. It was a beautiful day. We walk into the courtroom and my husband and I sit down with out little one. Our lawyer asks if we promise to take care of her, guide her, and protect her. I begin to cry. Of course! I want to love her, develop her amazing gifts, raise her up knowing that God has blessed us and is always there. I promise to flood her with kisses even when she doesn’t want them anymore. I promise to be her mom. And he promised to be her daddy as he said “because we love her so much.”

When I looked to the side, I saw the great mass of family standing there. A couple were on vacation and couldn’t miss this grand event. It was overwhelming. We have the largest support group the judge has seen on the happiest day of our lives. WE chose to begin fostering. WE decided that this was the journey we would take. WE worked to make this happen. But seeing all their faces, showed me that we were never alone. We never have been and never will be. This little girl is as much theirs as she is mine. What happened next, I didn’t expect, although I should have.






I felt pain. Joint pains became intense. My stomach began really hurting and felt very uneasy. Remember my recent post about stress? Well, stress isn’t only when bad things happen. Stress comes in amazing moments too. And this was an AMAZING moment. If I could bottle up what I felt and sell it, it would make millions of people happy. But unfortunately my body is sensitive to stress, any kind of stress. Seeing the support we had just shut me down internally. My body was tingly from the moment I woke up to the moment we walked out of that courtroom. As I got in the car after the hearing, I realized how much pain I was in. Even the bones on the top part of my feet hurt like if a giant metal had fallen on them. The next few days were brutal getting out of bed. And due to my immune system weakening that day, I caught a cold. I took 3 days to recover from the joint pain and about 7 days to get rid of the cold.  I should have known that I had to try to control my emotions. But how on earth do you do that on a day like this?


I am so thankful for the family that God has given my husband and I. We are never alone. My husband and I made an official promise to be there for each other in good time and bad, in sickness and in health. But these people, without realizing it, did too.

I love my church House of Faith. And to my immediate family, who is always there, thank you!


Thank you all for following my journey through Lupus and Pulmonary Hypertension

Xoxo, Janeris



*T-shirts provided by Louder Than DNA, a t-shirt company that focuses on providing high-quality shirts to families touched by adoption and foster care. Proceeds from each sale go to Duffels4Kids who provides kids in foster care with a much-needed duffel bag for their belongings.

Our hashtag is #LoveIsLouderThanDNA

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