First Day of School Blues | My Clean Cutting Board

Today I’m thinking of my son. It’s the first day of school here in Miami and I remember what it was like getting all my kids ready and out the door by 7:30am just last year. Today, I got my little girl ready for school and it was so easy. But still. My little blond […]

Saying Goodbye | My Clean Cutting Board

Throughout my journey with Pulmonary Hypertension and Lupus, I never stopped wanting to have children. I have always wanted to have someone call me mommy. I’ve always wanted to provide love and shelter for someone who couldn’t fend for him/herself. It may sound strange but I’ve always wanted to be invited to the kid parties. […]

Why Gluten Free is Right For Me | My Clean Cutting Board

I began eating clean many years ago. At least what I thought clean was. I began following Jordan Rubin’s book The Maker’s Diet. It really helped kick-start a new lifestyle. But I was not fully committed. And as much as I tried, doing it on my own was too hard for me. I was definitely […]