2016 Is Here!

2016 Is Here!

We are celebrating a brand spanking new year. It is a time to hit the refresh button and reload those goals we wanted to reach before but couldn’t. We may even want to add new goals. I don’t call it resolutions because by definition a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do […]

Working Out When You Just Can’t

I know what it’s like to not want to workout. I was at a point where breathing hurt A LOT! My heart was enlarged and the more I exercised the larger I felt it got and the worse I felt. So I took a break. But I always loved the gym so I knew I […]

I Gained Weight | My Clean Cutting Board

Last year I lost 40 lbs. I went from 165 to 125. At 5’6″ that looked pretty scary on me. I wasn’t doing it on purpose. But after getting off of Prednisone and eating strictly greens and meat to keep inflammation in my body down, the weight-loss was unavoidable. I was stick thin. It happened […]