Chicken Salad | My Clean Cutting Board

I bought a few giant avocados last week at the Yellow Green Farmers Market. They were hard as a rock until Thursday. Then they all ripened-at the exact same time! Why does that happen. How on earth will I eat 5 giant avocados before they go bad? Well I will have to get creative. One […]

Bunless Burger | My Clean Cutting Board

It was burger night at my house and I can’t have gluten. My husband still eats it so I make him prepare it himself. But I really wanted a burger too. And gluten-free bread wasn’t an option. Have you tried the nasty GF breads they sell in the store. It makes you want to never […]

My Super Addictive Healthy Chicken Wings | My Clean Cutting Board

I am addicted to these wings. Every time there’s lime or lemon in my house, I make sure to make these. They are amazing!  This is kind of my cheat food. Yeah I know, I’m such a rebel. I call them Lime Pepper Wings. Warning: If you try this, you might want to eat it […]