Chicken Salad | My Clean Cutting Board

I bought a few giant avocados last week at the Yellow Green Farmers Market. They were hard as a rock until Thursday. Then they all ripened-at the exact same time! Why does that happen. How on earth will I eat 5 giant avocados before they go bad? Well I will have to get creative. One […]

OMG Quinoa Salad | My Clean Cutting Board

Have you ever had quinoa salad? No. Why not? It’s the easiest thing ever. And the end result is the best thing ever. So there is no reason to not go right now in to the supermarket and pick up these ingredients. Like right now! I’ll admit, I’m new to the scene of what is […]

Menu Planning Guide | My Clean Cutting Board

I think it’s so important to stay on top of what you eat. If you don’t plan out your meals, you can easily veer off course and not realize it until it’s too late. How many times have you said you did so well on your diet only to remember later that you actually had […]