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  1. lynn lowrie says:

    I just found your ‘clean cutting board’ site. I wanted to thank you for all this work. I won’t spend time with a list of my health problems. I just wanted you to know, how wonderful it was to me, to find the simple menu list on this site. I am very familiar with healthy eating. But still not healthy (!). At this point my husband wants to join me in using Mark Hymans Detox diet. I am swimming in food selections, and felt overwhelmed (call me fog head). NOW- because you took the time to make a simple menu list, I can see how I can do it and not get ‘lost’. I’m simply going to print out the list and go shopping. What a sweet girl you are, wish I could personally hug you, but consider it done, just know your work is appreciated. Lynn


  2. Ruan says:

    You Are inspiring is there a number that i can whatsapp You On Because You could help me alot:)


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