Margie, Miami

margie bonilla


I’ve had the privilege of knowing Janeris as a fellow photographer and friend. Following her story truly amazed me and I’d constantly share it with family, friends, and anyone who I felt could benefit from it. Watching and hearing her go from a very sick hospitalized young lady to a vivacious, beautiful, self motivated, healthy woman of God has blessed my life beyond words. I’ve struggled with a hypothyroid for almost 5 years now and recently discovered its root cause is Hashimoto’s disease. Because I’ve seen how Janeris has taken control over her autoimmune disease thru healthy eating, I now look forward to doing the same. I’m motivated by her life stories, spirit walk, recipes, private groups, and her personal counsel whenever I private message her about a specific concern (lack of energy, hair loss, foggy brain). She’s always willing to help which is truly a blessing especially when hopelessness tries to creep in. Her struggle and triumph has become a voice of hope for me and I’m sure anyone else who’s willing to give their body a fighting chance.